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Evert Heylen

Welcome! You have reached my personal website and blog. Happy browsing (and perhaps a little coding too)!

About me

I'm Evert Heylen, I'm 18 years old and I live in Belgium. I like programming, mainly in Python, Go and C++. I do some webdesign too. I am a big fan of Linux, and my favorite distro is Arch Linux. Logically, I'm a fan of open source software, including: KDE, Chromium, and many more. I also have an interest for hardware, ranging from building PC's to robots. You can see what I made on the (rather empty) Projects page, or at my (rather full) github.

This website

I use this website as a place for me to put stuff in I would like to share with the world. (Currently one lonely tutorial :3 ).

This website is running on Google App Engine. I have written it myself in Go. Also, because I liked Go templating so much, you can edit the template by which this content is generated. Just click on 'edit code' below the menu. If you can hack my website using this, file a bug report. You can find more information about it here.